Many families today are caring for loved ones who have special healthcare, daily living, and educational needs. Most families simply are not aware of benefits and services that are available to their loved one. They find the system to be confusing, or they get frustrated and give up.

When it comes to benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, educational rights as well as special education services, home services, and funding, the feedback I get from families is:

• families are denied incorrectly
• families get frustrated with a lack of knowledgeable staff or misinformed staff
• families are not made aware of all of the options and choices available to them
• families are not informed about other agencies that can help them
• families benefit from someone who can guide them with the jargon and terminology
and program criteria to best advocate for their loved one
• families aren’t sure of their child’s educational rights and need help at their child’s
Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting

What I Have Done and What I Can Do For You

Health Advocate, Educational Advocate and Resource Specialist

I have successfully navigated the educational and state service systems for my child. I have also personally guided many families through the systems to secure funding, benefits, and educational services for their family member. I can inform you of programs, services and supports your family member may be eligible for, and guide you through the process of obtaining them successfully.

I am an educational and health advocate who wants to help others to understand and secure benefits for their family member.
Please read more about my experience and expertise as a Patient Advocate and Resource Specialist on the “About Me” page.

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